Smaller Tools

Over the course of a programmer’s life, many small or tiny technical solutions for everyday issues get created. This page does not list nearly all of my self-contained tools and programs, but I tried to add some information on any that may be interesting to external readers, and especially everything I’ve made available as open source.

List of Projects


A small client-side web application for calculating German Abitur grades, developed for my 2014 bachelor thesis.


Offline software for IMDB / GoodReads style bookkeeping of watched anime, loosely based on MyAnimeList. Additionally exports HTML copies of the watched list for self-hosting.

Daily Rucks

Daily Rucks is a fediverse-connected ActivityPub bot account (with a corresponding website) that posts one voice line from the 2011 game Bastion as an MP3 file each day.

Discord Archiver

This tool connects to a Discord channel through a bot account and creates an offline HTML archive of all messages and users.


A self-contained upload form as a single PHP script that makes file uploads easy and convenient.

Game Key Shelf

Web-based database for managing digital game activation keys, including trading and gifting functionality.

Imgur Album Downloader

This Firefox extension adds a download button to any Imgur album or gallery page for a quick zipped download.


Mobile app that stores and categorizes WiFi passwords in a way that allows you to retrieve them later.


A browser-based simulator of LED matrix displays.


MiniLockbox is a simple and tiny self-hosted Dropbox clone that synchronizes one directory between clients. Files are end-to-end encrypted between clients, so the central server does not need to be trusted.


Compact web application to run small anonymous surveys.

Mosaic Visual Hash

Hash visualization algorithm that deterministically produces images resembling stained glass.

No-nonsense Mobile Reddit

Mozilla Firefox extension that removes all the “see in app” ads from Reddit’s mobile webpage and makes other minor simplifications.

Packstation Companion

Mobile app that can locally store DHL Packstation PINs and show your Post number as a barcode for quick Packstation access.


Tiny self-hosting web app that makes files from a specific directory look presentable when accessed via the web.


Pinhole is a tiny single-user Bluesky→ActivityPub one-way bridge. It can be self-hosted to provide a mirror bot for exactly one Bluesky profile followable by exactly one ActivityPub (e.g. Mastodon) account.

Rage Button

A silly Firefox add-on that replaces all text on a webpage with incoherent screaming.


ReaderBar is a jQuery plugin that aims to augment long HTML documents with a few navigational tools.

Skype Exporter

A quick and dirty script to export Skype user data from the software’s SQLite files.

Steam History Archiver

This add-on scans lists of your Steam store and community transactions and generates detailed yearly reports.


Notification tray icon that shows temperature and humidity readings from local sensors and from the internet.

Weight Tracker

Mobile app to track daily body weight and exercise calories. Makes fancy graphs and also sends data to custom backend for processing.