No-nonsense Mobile Reddit

Mozilla Firefox extension that removes all the “see in app” ads from Reddit’s mobile webpage and makes other minor simplifications.


This Firefox extension was abandoned in favor of a uBlock Origin list after the Android version of Mozilla Firefox got a lot more selective about permitted extensions. It is no longer maintained and presumed to be outdated.

I like to read Reddit on mobile, but over the years the site has gotten more and more obnoxious about advertising its mobile app to users of the mobile website. I have no interest at all in the app, so I created this little Firefox add-on (well, technically I forked it from an abandoned add-on created by Javier Bullrich that had the same goal) to get rid of as much app spam as possible.

For a while I used to update it whenever Reddit instituted breaking changes into their site design. I stopped being able to use it myself when the Android version of Mozilla Firefox ceased allowing the installation of arbitrary add-ons, for that reason it has since fallen into abandonment.