Mobile app that stores and categorizes WiFi passwords in a way that allows you to retrieve them later.


Screenshot showing a list of WiFi credentials (names pixelated) with different category icons and a plus button in the bottom right

This is a list of stored WiFi credentials in Janus. The item names have been anonymized for the screenshot, but the icons on the right show each item’s category.

This app was my first attempt to build something with Flutter. I used the opportunity to tackle two related problems that had been bothering me for a while: on current Android phones, saved WiFi passwords can not easily be recovered, and saved WiFi SSIDs have no annotation possibilities so I cannot always remember where a particular saved SSID/password combinations is from and whether I still need it.

Janus (named after the Roman god of gates and doorways) is an app that stores WiFi credentials. It saves SSIDs alongside their passwords, and optionally you can add a category, a custom title, or additional notes. The app can interface with Android’s WiFi management to access a list of WiFi networks that are currently available to make it easier to add entries to the database. The full list can be exported and reimported.