Open Source

Some of my software is available under free licenses, but not all of it. On this page I'll try to summarize why I have not released the code to all of my projects. Keep in mind that there may be project-specific reasons mentioned on the respective pages as well.


I'm a big user and proponent of free and open source software. All my personal machines run Linux and I use more libre software projects than I can count. Many FLOSS developers and users state that all software should be free on principle, and I understand the argument. Storage is cheap, and it's a valid stance to just open source everything and let the users decide what code is worth looking at and using/copying. Nonetheless, for many of my personal projects I have opted not to release the source code publically. Some recurring reasons for that are as follows:

I know how frustrating it can be to find out that someone else already solved a problem you're struggling with and did not release their code, and sometimes I find myself wondering why not everyone releases more of their hobby projects as open source. But given the above reasons, I hope you can empathize with my decision against a blanket policy.

That said, a lack of interest (real or perceived) is also something that influences me. I typically get tiny usage numbers anyway. If you're eager to take a closer look at a project of mine that isn't publically released, please let me know. Even one single person can be a bigger motivator for me to set up a public repository than you may expect.