Imgur Album Downloader

This Firefox extension adds a download button to any Imgur album or gallery page for a quick zipped download.


Imgur has a download feature for image albums, but I frequently used to run into albums where it just wouldn't work (i.e. it produced an error message instead of a download). To fix the issue, I wrote this browser add-on that first tries Imgur's built-in download link, but if that does not work it walks through the album itself, fetches all the files and compresses them into a Zip archive which it then lets the user download. It's a nifty little add-on that seemed to strike a niche, because it grew to just over 1000 users before it plateaued, making it by far my most popular Firefox add-on.

Ironically I have since stopped using Imgur for unrelated reasons and have not been testing whether this add-on is still working. For all intents and purposes it is abandoned.