Game Key Shelf

Web-based database for managing digital game activation keys, including trading and gifting functionality.


A perpetual work-in-progress project. From 2013 to about 2017, when I was buying a lot of cheap Steam game bundles, I ended up with a long list of extra game activation keys. I built a website in PHP so people could look at my list of keys and filter out games they already owned to see if I had anything they’d want. In time, I added direct game key gifting functionality and even a points system used for trading.

I have since massively reduced my game bundle buying and have closed the site to the public. The basic framework still remains though, and I use it to store what extra game keys I still get. My hope is that one day I’ll find time to turn this into a site that’s better-suited to showcasing individual games rather than bulk trading them, so that my friends can use it to look for things they might want to play.