Weight Tracker

Mobile app to track daily body weight and exercise calories. Makes fancy graphs and also sends data to custom backend for processing.


There are tons of simple body weight tracking apps for Android phones, but I wanted one that would automatically synchronize with my spreadsheet archive, so I decided to write my own. My app can store body weight (in kg, including one decimal place) and total exercise calories for each calendar day. It keeps the data for the last 60 days, anything older than that gets deleted automatically. When new data is entered, it is sent to a central backend on one of my servers which keeps it around until it is automatically added to a spreadsheet on my desktop PC, where it is stored long-term.

The mobile app also shows a line graph for the weight data (and a bar graph for the exercise calories) as an added visual treat.

Because there is no functional difference between this app and dozens of other free weight trackers (except for the backend synchronization, which is highly specific to my server setup), I decided not to publish it. It is, however, in ongoing personal use.