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Offline software for IMDB / GoodReads style bookkeeping of watched anime, loosely based on MyAnimeList. Additionally exports HTML copies of the watched list for self-hosting.


A self-contained upload form as a single PHP script that makes file uploads easy and convenient.


FediRoster is a web application for hosting an opt-in public list of fediverse accounts. Its purpose is to assist communities to more easily find people with shared interests on Mastodon and other connected platforms. People are able to add themselves to the list via proof of account ownership.


Kaleidoscribe is a web-based alternative YouTube client that allows you to subscribe to channels and playlists without a Google/YouTube account. It crawls the YouTube website in the background to give you a relatively up-to-date view of your customized subscription feed.


MiniLockbox is a simple and tiny self-hosted Dropbox clone that synchronizes one directory between clients. Files are end-to-end encrypted between clients, so the central server does not need to be trusted.


Compact web application to run small anonymous surveys.


Tiny self-hosting web app that makes files from a specific directory look presentable when accessed via the web.


Pinhole is a tiny single-user Bluesky→ActivityPub one-way bridge. It can be self-hosted to provide a mirror bot for exactly one Bluesky profile followable by exactly one ActivityPub (e.g. Mastodon) account.


TimberBot is a general-purpose chat bot extensible via plugins and geared towards public chat rooms, particularly Twitch. It supports user roles and reacts to commands.

Weight Tracker

Mobile app to track daily body weight and exercise calories. Makes fancy graphs and also sends data to custom backend for processing.