A self-contained upload form as a single PHP script that makes file uploads easy and convenient.


Every so often I run into a situation where I want someone (or several people) to be able to simply send me some files, but in a context where email would be inconvenient. To make this process easy and user-friendly, I created this simple PHP script that functions as a file upload website which simply stores the uploaded files for me to retrieve.

UI Demo

To see what the Drop page looks like in action, you can check out the following UI demo. Your files will not actually be uploaded anywhere, but the page provides a simulation of how a genuine Drop page would look and behave. Files can be selected through a button prompt or via drag & drop. In the latter case, a pleasant animation happens.

Drag & drop file(s) here!

    Reminder: This is a purely client-side UI demo, your files will not actually be uploaded.