Rage Button

A silly Firefox add-on that replaces all text on a webpage with incoherent screaming.


If you ever had a moment of frustration trying to read StackOverflow, thrown your hands up in the air at the political news landscape, or gotten angry at the comments under your favorite cooking blog, this Firefox add-on may be just the right thing to vent some of that anger.

Simply put, it replaces all text on the currently displayed page with incoherent screaming.

I created this add-on in an evening after getting stuck in a dead-end on another software development task. It seemed like a harmless way to vent some anger and create something mildly amusing in the process.

Live Demo

You can try out Rage Button right here on this website if you want! Please note that you will need to refresh this page (or click a link leading somewhere else) to undo the effect.