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Daily Rucks

Daily Rucks is a fediverse-connected ActivityPub bot account (with a corresponding website) that posts one voice line from the 2011 game Bastion as an MP3 file each day.


FediRoster is a web application for hosting an opt-in public list of fediverse accounts. Its purpose is to assist communities to more easily find people with shared interests on Mastodon and other connected platforms. People are able to add themselves to the list via proof of account ownership.


Kaleidoscribe is a web-based alternative YouTube client that allows you to subscribe to channels and playlists without a Google/YouTube account. It crawls the YouTube website in the background to give you a relatively up-to-date view of your customized subscription feed.


Pinhole is a tiny single-user Bluesky→ActivityPub one-way bridge. It can be self-hosted to provide a mirror bot for exactly one Bluesky profile followable by exactly one ActivityPub (e.g. Mastodon) account.