Steam Removed Game Scanner

Steam Removed Game Scanner is a web application written in PHP that uses the Steam Web API to scan Steam profiles for ownership of removed games. Users can log in to scan their own profile, administrators can additionally view past scans or initiate new ones.


The digital game sales platform Steam operated by Valve Corporation is by far the biggest player on the market at the time of writing. For a variety of reasons, games get removed from sale on Steam all the time, and a community of enthusiasts about collecting and tracking these removed games has established itself over the years.

Since the number of removed games is now rather large, it can be useful to have a digital tool to keep track of what removed games you own. There are various websites that fulfill this purpose. Steam Removed Game Scanner is one such website – to my knowledge, the first one to be made publically available and self-hostable as free and open source software.

UI Demo

While there is no fully functional demo instance of the Steam Removed Game Scanner, you can at least try out what it feels like to use it for yourself. Below is what the scanner looks like after you have logged in. You can also switch between the normal user view and the admin view to get a glimpse of what the system looks like behind the scenes. Please note that the user names, game titles and everything else you can see in this demo are all fictitious.

This demo requires JavaScript.

Project Perspective

This project is in active use and I intend to maintain it for the foreseeable future. The features as somewhat geared toward my own needs, but I believe the software is in a state where it can be deployed and used by others with reasonable effort. (Installation instructions come with the project files in the repository’s README.) Currently I have no pressing issues with it that would require significant additions.

If anyone ends up installing this for themselves, I’d be happy to hear about it. Since other public trackers with the same functionality exist, I’m not certain there is much of a market. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.